A tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and care goes into creating premium cigars for the smoking pleasure of people all over the world. Unfortunately, cigars must be maintained within a specific range of temperature and humidity to ensure they don't become too dry and lose their flavor or have too much moisture and subject to mold growth. 

As it is common for large humidors (used by cigar distributors and retailers) to have microclimates where they are not monitoring the temperature and humidity and the cigars in those sections of humidor may be drying out or getting too much humidity and becoming mold affected.

STOREDRIGHT provides an affordable wireless multi-sensor monitoring systems to help identify any microclimates that might exist so that modifications can be made to the humidor's climate control systems and provide assurance that optimum conditions are being maintained.

STOREDRIGHT Accreditation

Get Accredited!

Advertise your Achievement!

Advertise your Achievement!

Once your humidor or storage facility has achieved consistent optimum cigar climate storage conditions and maintains them ongoing, the STOREDRIGHT Accreditation is automatically achieved and our Certification Seal is available for use.

Advertise your Achievement!

Advertise your Achievement!

Advertise your Achievement!

By achieving STOREDRIGHT accreditation, you have use of the STOREDRIGHT Accredited logo to use in print and online advertising or even in your store/facility. You can elect to be included on our soon to be live STOREDRIGHT Accredited vendors website.

Increase Revenue!

Advertise your Achievement!

Increase Revenue!

Whether online or instore, discerning consumers will seek to buy their cigars from retailers who have earned STOREDRIGHT Accreditation. 

This is a great way for consumers to know that the premium cigars they are buying have been maintained properly and should be a great smoking experience. 


What we do.

- Initial Humidor Assessment (video call).

- Configure and deploy sensor system.

- Continuous monitoring 24/365.

- Once optimum conditions are verified as being met, STOREDRIGHT Certification is earned.

- The sensors are swapped out annually to ensure accuracy. 

- You can now advertise your Accreditation!

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Whilst we can monitor the conditions that the cigars are stored in within the business that has achieved STOREDRIGHT Accreditation, we cannot guarantee the condition of the cigars you buy if the supply chain from the manufacturer and distributors prior to that business have not been optimal. As time progresses, it is our vision that entire supply chains will have STOREDRIGHT Accreditation to help ensure consumers are receiving cigar in the best condition possible.....as the manufacturers intended.